Samplodica App Reviews

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back from the dead,ahead of its time

i cant believe its back! was one of the first apps i downloaded .lots of fun


Not really cool at all those who said they enjoyed it prob cannot play a real instrument so something as simple minded as this app would entertain them. Not worth a dollar at all. Do Not buy.

Creative music creation that makes you move

Just downloaded this app and I'm blown away! It is so much fun rocking out with this! I lost myself completely and I think my friends had fun watching me dance around with my headphones on and shaking my phone. Another reviewer mentioned that you had to shake the phone in one way only which is not at all what I experienced. This is a fun and awesome app for creating some exciting sounds and beats. Highly recommended!

Not worth it

Boring. Purchased app, still didn't get all the features, had to buy pro version to get them. No instructions that I could find, very limited features. Avoid.


So I was looking around and I saw this app and it looked cool, I like music apps so I got it and was underwhelmed by it. All it is is a four key piano app that lets you drag the keys to make the notes higher or lower pitched. Oh and you have to shake your iPhone to get it to actually make the noise, and not only that but you have to shake it in one direction only and cannot change it. I thought that this would be something cool where it would use gyroscopic alignment and motion to create a dynamic soundtrack. I was soooo wrong. This app might be worth getting if it were free but it is definitely not worth a dollar.

I love it!!!

I just downloaded this app and I am loving it. I can't wait to play with it around other musician friends. Great stuff here!!!

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